In the beginning….

I think I am finally mentally ready…I think I am finally able to stare the ARE in the face once more and tackle it as I have tried in the past.  I think I am ready for the torture once more…

I got mentally ready one day when I was praying…I had fallen off the testing wagon more times than I can count and the last time when I fell off hard it was because I passed all the sections of the ARE but then realized I missed the rolling clock by a couple of months…and NCARB would not recommend to license me in a state that does not required NCARB for licensure…. follow that logic I sure can’t!

Anyway…I digress….I was praying and since I had fallen off the testing wagon my job had kind of veered from the traditional architecture role too! It’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job and I could not do it if I did not have the architecture degree and background that I have.  So as I was praying and telling God all of this I told him I was not even sure he wanted me to be an architect… I mean how can I take so many tests and pass all of them and then the very next day get a letter in the mail that tells me I did not pass all and that I missed my 5 year rolling clock by a few months?? In my mind….that was a sign from God saying….”Yeah you weren’t meant to be an architect”….it was either that or I was on candid camera for sure…I mean this had to be a really really bad joke, right??  Wrong!! That really happened!

So since then I kinda stumbled around like a pin ball in a pinball machine for the last 5 years or so carrying along with me the chip on my should about NCARB and my exams…Was I going to finish them? Was I not? I was so upset by all the blood sweat & tears and $$$ I had poured into my exams that I was not willing to go back and do this again…at least I was not willing too back then.  Until God Spoke!

So as I was praying…I kind of just unloaded my thoughts on him and my feelings and if I was even supposed to be an architect…and then I heard him tell me…

“Take your exams and get them done.”

and at that point I had this feeling like….”ok, I can do this!” Prior to that  I had no strength to endure this process again…or go through the torture of it but in that moment…I mustered up that strength.  God is physically giving me strength to do this! I am revisiting this on his nudge and pep-talk… which from god, he does not have to say much to get me going!

So here is the plan:

Take 3 exams in 4.0 and then transition to 5.0 for my last 2 exams.

I plan to take my first exam, CD’s, by the end of June!

I had started half-heartedly studying each day and I was always starting over cause I would fall of the studying wagon too! I needed something to keep me consistent and accountable.  That is why I started this blog.  So I can post daily or at least regularly on how my studying is going, what I have learned in my studies and I figure if I can post it on here and explain it… then at the very least it will help me know the information better!

So i’m taking a deep breath and jumping…taking that leap of faith that God directed me to do and take my exams and get them done!

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